@Jeannie Di Bon / everyone...I’m going to be starting PT on Monday. I’m going to the same therapist I saw years ago. He was okay, he did help me but I also remember him having me do stuff I wasn’t sure I should be doing, however he’s worked with a lot of EDS patients since I last saw him and is pretty much the only one that can treat us in my area. I LOVE this new approach to exercise on here but I don’t believe movement/Pilates type exercise is what he does, he’s pretty traditional. Any tips before I go into this? If he’s as open minded as I remember him, any tips on showing/educating him on any of this? (My doctor, who also has EDS, sees him. I showed her the app and it intrigued her and she said she’d look more into this and that she wants me to see him so he can take a look at me and perhaps help guide me along / help as I do this program at home as well)

Posted by Deleted (b151c556) at 2022-03-04 03:47:11 UTC