Hi all. I woke up this morning with a slipped disk at the base of my neck - the first time this has happened. I don't have a neck brace, and my range of motion for my nose is about an inch in any given direction. If I don't move at all the pain is manageable but I can't support the weight of my head at all, which means I'm flat on my back and can't get out of bed. Obviously this is a question of waiting until it's less aggravated, ultimately, but do you have any suggestions for managing this? I'll try to get TENS pads on my back in a bit but that's going to be a major production. I'm keeping it warm and as immobilised as I can. No heavy-duty drugs here, and nsaids in general are bad for my stomach. Is it worth ordering a brace even though it'll take 2-3 days minimum to get here?

Posted by deirdreharnedy at 2023-07-02 13:40:07 UTC