Question for zebra singers / vocalists. Does hypermobility affect one’s ability to develop vibrato? Asking because I’d like to begin working on this. I don’t have a naturally strong voice and have basically zero vibrato. Breathing in general is challenging for me. I joined this group a while back and am still struggling to belly-breathe rather than breathe through my upper chest, even at rest. I know @Jeannie Di Bon has done some great videos exploring the relationship between breathing and the pelvic floor, but I don’t seem to be grasping them. I never feel my pelvic floor do anything. It’s like that part of my body might as well not exist. I was recently diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease, mold toxicity & significant heavy metal exposure, so maybe once I detox from all of that my breathing will feel easier (?). I know that this post is all over the place — any feedback is appreciated!

Posted by enigma.creative at 2023-07-03 20:57:37 UTC