Hello everyone. A few days ago I was eating a very tough steak and joking said this is going to break my jaw! The next morning I woke up and had a very bad neck spasm which felt like an electric shock. Now I can barely turn my head and my jaw is swollen and and my left shoulder is in a very painful and tight. I have tried everything like heat, ice and lots of movement but Im in alot of pain down the left shoulder blade, Im really fed up as I was supposed to be going on a trip out to Rome today with my son on an art tour but he has gone without me as I couldnt face the train journey. I called my old osteopath in the Uk and he suggested getting hold of some diazepam to relax the muscle but I dont want to resort to this. Im trying to get hold of a tens machine to see if this helps although I havent used one before. Do any of you guys have any other suggestions or tips for a speedy recovery?

Posted by rosannavioletta1 at 2023-07-04 12:50:19 UTC