Update: I now have a #lithtech wheelchair and it's brilliant! It has a much more sensitive and easy to use joystick, and it's adjustable so it's in the proper position for my arm and shoulder to remain in alignment. Apparently the #dashi eco chair i had rented is not adjustable at all and will be made for someone who is five nine (thanks @ the patriarchy). I am going to get #compressiongloves and #wristbrace s to keep me safe while I'm maneuvering it up the ramps and into the car, and in and out of the house. The chair is helping me so much recover from my flare, because it means I can get out about without overdoing it. So happy. Original post: I have a #powerchair (electric #wheelchair) on trial at the moment because post exertion malaise #pem keeps me stuck in the house for fear of getting overtired. It's been great to get out more this past week since it's arrived, but I've only been going out for 10 to 15 minutes as I'm conscious that any longer would cause #wrist pain. I've seen advice to hold the controller low down, been thumb and index finger. This strains my hand though. Apparently unless I get a custom chair, which is obviously a much more serious financial investment, there are no other options to make the controller easier to use, except getting a cushion on the arm rest, but i don't think that will help much. I also feel like the controller is slightly too far away from my body, meaning I have to reach too far. Though i have proportionally long arms for my height (wheelchair is one size fits all, I'm 5ft7 so would have thought fairly average height). I have put a small cushion behind my back, but am considering getting extra holes drilled in the controller attachment bar to allow it to be screwed on closer to the arm rest - closing that gap you can see in the pic basically. Does anyone have any experience or tips for this?

Posted by Leo Juniper at 2023-07-08 11:43:10 UTC