⚠️Content Warning possible Trigger Warning  Re: mens health & sexual health.  Awareness.  Any concerns please speak to a Dr.  This will also be posted in the mens group. On channel 4 on UK TV. On 13th July. Celebrity save our sperm. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/celebrity-save-our-sperm  The reduction of male fertility is not really spoken about, not necessarily a HSD/EDS link I may add. But cases are known with EDS to have cryptorchidsim, hypogonadism, these might cause fertility issues. In men.  Cryptorchidsim is something that I effective myself in adolescents.   Programmes like the above are valuable to get the conversation out there.   Below is a little bit more information video is EDS society video on mens health with EDS. https://ehlersdanlosnews.com/health-insights/ehlers-danlos-syndrome-and-your-sex-life/ https://youtu.be/HZvhvToukB0 Any concerns, please contact your Dr.  Thankyou for taking your time to read.

Posted by ian at 2023-07-10 13:53:08 UTC