How do I search for previous posts on pelvic floor issues . I know we use a hashtag or something , but I don’t know how ? This is my next area to try to get help on locally in Nz . Have just watched the physio presentation which was great . I think I have both hip and pelvic floor issues . Have hip labral tear but my Eds dr want me to have a total hip replacement rather than a labrum repair as my age ( 57) is against me I I’ve been so out of shape for years and years . MCAS meds and methyl folate has helped so much that I can exercise now but it’s going to take a long time . But I’m happy to go slow but need the correct advice . I get slight feacal incontinence and am wondering if I can do something for it . My gp said my sphincter did seem weak and gave me Metamucil which I don’t tolerate . Am better on lower fibre diet .

Posted by jilldiprose1 at 2023-07-10 19:35:08 UTC