Dear fellow zebras: I need some advice and support. In a weeks time, I will be finally having an appointment with a rheumatologist who was advised to me as specialised in HSD and EDS. Getting the referral was a nightmare of pain and gaslighting, but I am very excited it's finally happening. However, I want to prepare for my appointment properly, this is my chance, and I am very nervous too. I have ADHD and I have SO MUCH info right now that I'd like to bring to this appointment. But I am scared that I will be unprepared, messy, disorganised or that I won't have enough actual evidence ready to support myself properly. I'm worried I will waste this opportunity. I have prepared appointments before. I have listened to the EDS presentation about how to make an appointment agenda. I should know this. I have a week to prepare and already feel it won't be enough time. This is so big, it could change my life! And I am so worried. Any help, any words are welcome. And thank you so much in advance, you lovely bunch of people.

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-07-11 01:07:53 UTC