#scapula #shoulderblade So, I am having a confusing issue with my left shoulder blade. Many times, when I am lying on the floor and try to lift my arm, keeping my ribs heavy, I get the feeling that something near my shoulder blade slips sideways. It's almost like the weight of my torso "squeezes" it out of place. When this happens, the fascia in my upper body/neck gets very grumpy. I can sort of move, but I can feel something is not right. It happens mostly when I am lying down. If I'm standing up, I feel some restriction but not the slip. As I cannot see myself what is going on, this makes it very difficult to explain it to any physios or manual therapists. My current osteo is quite sensitive but even to him I haven't managed to explain it properly. The most I get is a massage around the area that relaxes it but, as soon as I do some movements, or I try to work out, it slips again. It's so frustrating! I am not looking for medical advice, but wondering if someone has had a similar experience, how they went about it and how they explained it to a medical professional. I feel this one thing is stopping my whole upper body from completely stabilising and I would love to find a way to work around it. I currently do many of the TZC clases on shoulder stabilisation and try to be very mindful. I'm at loss!

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-07-12 18:37:39 UTC