Payments & subsciptions Thank you all for your interest in the summer special discount. I’m getting through all the emails. One thing that’s come up that I thought you may not know. If you subscribe via app stores, the payments go direct to apple or google. So I don’t see those payments, I can’t amend them or change them. These are relationships direct with Apple or Google. They pay the developers at some point in the future. If you subscribe via the website, the relationship is with me and I therefore have ability to amend, change etc. I have more control and access to help. It doesn’t matter how you sign up but wanted to clarify my hands are tied when it comes to changing / amending App Store contracts. This is same for any app you download - not just TZC. The summer discount is only available via the website because app stores don’t allow discount codes. So if you’re with App Store, you’ll need to cancel that and resign up if you wanted to use code. Both ways give access to web app or mobile app for one price. Hope that helps. #payments

Posted by Jeannie Di Bon at 2023-07-14 08:57:46 UTC