#mcas #esophagealspasms Hi everyone! I know I’ve asked before about esophagitis and mcas, but I’m wondering has anyone had esophageal spasms related to mcas? The first time I had esophageal spasms was a month or so following a long course of steroids and antibiotics. Six months later I had esophagitis w inability to swallow which I now know was triggered by mcas reaction. Since then have been managing w low histamine diet and other digestive supports. Last weekend in the setting of stress, sleep deprivation due to pain flare, I had a few hours of esophageal spasms. Took Pepcid, omeprazole, Thorne GI relief (you can open the cap and put in water fyi). It didn’t recur or get worse. That is different than my first bout a year ago which recurred for a few days. I’ve learned here and in my work w a dietician that stress can trigger mcas reactions. The only other mcas sx I had were some random hives during the days preceding the spasms. Has anyone else experienced esophageal spasms in setting of mcas flare?

Posted by Gumby Shrink at 2023-07-15 13:38:49 UTC