Hello again! I've so enjoyed reading posts and have tried some classes.. still getting over how great this community is and how much I've learned in such a short while. I've tried a search for the word "bruise" to see if I can get an answer to my question so I'm hoping I've not missed the info somewhere and I'm going to annoy you all again! I'm guessing, because every other symptom I've had/have appears related to hypermobility... I used to get bruising, really bad, all around my knee caps. Usually after an exercise class but sometimes just randomly too. Maybe only 2 or 3 times a year. When I went to the doctor they found my b12 was really low. They gave me injections but long story short I am not getting those anymore! The bruising stopped back then and hasn't actually returned. I don't go to so many gym classes either though mind you! I think I'm just asking, will that bruising have been to do with my knee caps being unstable probably? And also. What is a "sublux"? I was told that what I thought was a shoulder dislocation years ago was a subluxation... And that hurt like hell. My shoulder today felt a bit unstable for a second, then loosened and relaxed a bit, but has felt funny and clunky all day (I've been away with my girls and lifting them more than usual so not surprised) I'm just wondering if that's a sublux or something else? Thanks everyone ❤️

Posted by nic_h at 2023-07-15 21:30:53 UTC