Has anyone had their POTs symptoms subside? When I was diagnosed, it was by my electrophysiologist and not with a TTT. He did it by measuring my blood pressure and heart rate while standing, sitting and lying down. For at least a year I clearly had orthostatic issues and there seemed to be no question that I had POTs. But after I started taking a very low dose beta blocker, which coincidentally is also right when we moved to a different home about a month ago, my POTs symptoms have almost completely subsided. I can do the dishes now and my heart rate will never go above 95 bpm, whereas a month ago it would be in the 130 range just from washing dishes standing still. I had a TTT two weeks ago and the results said there is no autonomic failure but there is borderline cardiovagal impairment. I’m sure my doctors aren’t going to be able to explain where my POTs symptoms went. I’m not complaining by any means! I’m grateful! But it’s baffling and it makes me wonder what’s going on with my body. Or was my diagnosis wrong???

Posted by NsangouAZ at 2023-07-18 06:46:04 UTC