Just had an epiphany and am curious to hear if you have noticed the same thing… We are looking at rentals in our new city, and just looked at one that could be a very good possibility except…. It has carpet installed on the stairs. Nowhere else in the house. Now, this may be a USA thing, bcs personally I HATE carpet (it can’t be properly cleaned and causes all sorts of allergy issues for me), but when just stepping on a stair with carpet, my whole body tenses up with “danger” signals. I know this is partly bcs I have slipped down carpeted stairs several times in the past and really hurt myself. However, when discussing this with my husband, I realized that it’s also probably because, besides feeling “slippery”, the pile in the carpet shifts slightly when I step on it, which must be doing a number on my proprioception. Needless to say, we are ruling out any houses with carpeted stairs from now on, as it’s a disaster waiting to happen. What do you think?

Posted by mischascookin at 2023-07-20 19:53:36 UTC