In the weeks since I’ve joined, I’ve been working through the sections as suggested by Jeannie, the Ambassadors and others; starting with Welcome! Start Here, Key Foundations, then under Classes I’ve been working through all sections except Strength & Connect, and Cardio (for now). Others suggested keeping a journal of how or what I liked about each class & that’s what I’ve been doing & it’s been so helpful. Today I did Sciatica Solutions for the first time. OMG THANK YOU. I hurt my left side low back, flank area and slipped some ribs the day before yesterday, holding my neighbors’s (light weight I promise) baby. I have no idea how or what I did but it was bad almost immediately. This morning upon waking, the pain had spread from left, across to my right. I didn’t know how I was going to manage my day let alone having my 22mo old granddaughter all this coming week. I hurt that bad. Idk if Sciatica Solutions was meant for the area that was hurting me so badly but it sure did help me. A LOT! #thankyou #sciaticasolutions #sciatica

Posted by beachydreamn at 2023-07-23 01:12:24 UTC