Child's pose tips anyone? I know it should be a very relaxing one, but this pose has always made me feel the opposite! I never manage to relax into it. If it's not my hips (so, not being able to "sit down" on my heels), it's my ribs since I never manage to comfortably take full breaths! As soon as I manage to sit back, I feel pressure around my diafragm and I start taking shallower, shorter breaths. I feel like I am bracing and even my jaw clenches a bit (and I have tried a pillow to rest my head higher). I'm sure I am missing something but I cannot pinpoint what it may be! So... any kind zebras with similar experiences and maybe tips? I would really love to experience that rest and relax that is meant to come with this pose! Thanks a lot in advance :)

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-07-23 21:11:06 UTC