Every breath we take 🌬️ . @Jeannie Di Bon hi Jeannie, at the last meetup where Ana Barretxegurren was the guest it was discussed at the end that we would have her again sometime (yay!!) and perhaps she would talk about fascia (yay again!). I’ve learnt something about fascia recently in relation to the breath, and I’d like to make a request (if we can do that!) that Ana take as a segue a fascia connection between the throat/cervical spine and the diaphragm. I am told this fascia ‘band’ connects the 2 areas. This would also relate to the diaphragm receiving its blood supply and enervation via the C3,4 and 5 vertebrae - something I’ve also learned about while rehabilitating my breath and seeking to understand more deeply the relation between the breath dysfunction and the CCI I experience. This seems a perfect thing to ask Ana to talk about (as one of the things). 💚🙏🏼🦓

Posted by barbara at 2023-07-25 05:50:02 UTC