I’ve recognised in myself that I am beginning to isolate myself again, even from groups like this one and feel I need to make some steps in the opposite direction. I’ve been off work unwell for 6 months and my doctor keeps writing sick notes but isn’t interested in seeing me. I’m having a lot of problems with my vision (double vision/ blurry vision/ vastly increased astigmatism/ photosensitivity etc) which somehow relates to a a lack of motor control in my neck where my head shakes when I am trying to read or focus and causes migraines and so on and on. I’m not managing to get any help. I saw a neurologist who was very dismissive and said I had just developed a ‘bad habit’ with my neck movements 😡 My optician has diagnosed visual stress but they seem to be getting frustrated with me, saying there is no reason for my double vision and my prescription in my glasses is correct so I shouldn’t be getting blurred vision in one eye… the usual response that the problem is in me and not something physical. I think I’m just once again finding it very depressing and can’t see a way back to work. I’m now on half pay. I’m a single parent with two children and I’m not sure where I go from here. Im hoping I’m not the only one in this seeming road to no where! Would love some positive vibes!!

Posted by gemmaholbrook1 at 2023-07-25 09:12:41 UTC