TL;DR Classes and exercises for helping lower body soreness and strength? May into June I went through a pain flare, whole system but especially lower body pain (that’s always been where it’s the worst). I’ve been better since then but now I’m starting to deal with a lot of muscle soreness. Sometimes it’s around my hips from lower back region down to mid thighs, or sometimes it’s more just my legs and ankles. It’s not horrific but worse than I usual get for sure. I’ve been decently active but not pushing it much, and joint pain is still okay except for nights when I’m already sore. I’m headed to college in exactly a month, so obviously this is concerning and I would like do something about it. Thoughts, advice, classes or activities to do to either relieve soreness or strengthen the area? Any thoughts are welcome!

Posted by IslandGirl at 2023-07-25 14:02:57 UTC