Can anyone tell me about the Mayo Clinic Area in the USA? Were looking at a possible move, and I’m trying to nail down good places to handle my health stuff and possibly my kids depending on how that goes. My best friend is moving about 30 minutes from Mayo, and that’s why it’s on my radar. I wasn’t sure if they saw patients chronically or if they diagnose and send you on your way. And if they did just send you in your way, I wondered if the doctors in the area were solid. Currently, I have solid drs, though the POTs clinic recently closed. So the area is slowly forgetting about POTs symptomology. So, not perfect. But I definitely don’t want to move to a “medical black hole” like I had growing up 😳 Zany input it appreciated!

Posted by marie.kelley at 2023-07-26 20:07:31 UTC