Hi everyone, new to the Zebra Club. Finding it really helpful as having issues for 2 years now, mostly in my ribcage and cervical/ thoracic spine. Working with a physio who says my nervous system is on high alert and it will settle, but my neck gets involved in everything I do, (lying supine for exercise I feel it all time) and I think breathe is the root of all my problems. I was stressed and in pain for so long I am finding it difficult to regulate my breathing patterns and breathe naturally which is causing a lot of discomfort & tightness everywhere from my neck right down to my pelvis. So on a bad day it is difficult to use breathing classes to unwind as it causes more pain to take a deep breathe. I think I force the inhale too much when I think about it, eg during Pilates/ breathing exercises so my neck and throat is full of awful tension/ pressure 24/7 if that makes sense which no one seems to understand. Then on the exhale it feels all twisted and ‘stuck.’ I actually feel like my body has forgot how to take a deep pain free breathe in. Any classes or adjustments that might be useful ?

Posted by Claire Mc at 2023-07-26 20:56:48 UTC