Hey comrades! I’m new here, I’ve been doing zebra club exercises for a couple of months now and my mind is blown at how much everything has clicked for me since I started learning more about breathing and releasing, I feel really optimistic about my future relationship to movement for the first time in a long time 💕 Question for those further in their journey, do you have any tips on how to overcome the fear of the (hopefully temporary) increased weakness and instability that comes with unwinding our bracing patterns and letting go of the ‘false’ stability I’ve been using? I feel like I could reach some of my deep abdominal muscles (I’m not 100% with anatomy specifics yet sorry) with my breath when I’m in a really relaxed meditative state, but when I start to feel my breath entering it and releasing, the sensation scares me because it feels so tight and strong I’m worried I could throw something else out if it trembles and spasms as it comes back to life? Hopefully any of that makes sense, I’m curious to learn about other peoples experience of this initial ‘unbuilding before rebuilding’ part of reintegrating into a healthy balanced body. It’s exciting but also abit scary lol

Posted by Alison at 2023-07-27 05:26:08 UTC