My wheelchair has improved my life sooo much and I’m finally healing with the help of it so I’m soo happy I have it, but today I am beyond frustrated with my wheelchair supply company. My wheelchair is my lifeline to being able to work, socialize, exercise and heal and it’s so frustrating that when I problem arises with it that requires immediate assistance, that it takes weeks/months to get it fixed and that people I’m paying to fix it treat me poorly throughout the process. Repairs always take so long to schedule because of staffing and equipment issues, and today after waiting 5wks for a repair, and 5hrs at home during my repair window waiting, the technician never called and never showed. Then when I called a few minutes after the window ended to try to speak with someone, the office was closed for the day and I didn’t have any other number to contact. I want to love my chair for the freedom it gives me but moments like this just make me feel trapped and limited in my body again and I instead of feeling free like I should, instead I feel tethered for being so reliant on something I have no control over fixing, and I hate that. Does anyone else have similar frustrations?

Posted by elizabeth.liz.hardy at 2023-07-29 00:47:09 UTC