Hei guys, I've been in a pretty depressed state for months now because I cannot live the active life that I want to with lots of sports, exploring new places, going out and meeting people etc. It feels like I'm trapped in the wrong body limited to a small fraction of what I wanted to achieve and experience in life. As hard as I try I'm not able to get to a point of acceptance and just constantly think about all the things I'm going to miss out on because of my HSD. I'm so tired of the pain and just angry at my body for what it took from me eventhough I'm well aware that this makes the situation worse. Somehow I don't see a way forward despite the professional help I get. There will most likely not be a cure in the next decades and a life of damage control doesn't sound too apealing to me. I'm sorry about all the negativity and the rambling. I just don't know how you guys are able to accept and deal with this in a positive way in order to still live happy and meaningful lifes. I just miss the life I wanted to live every day.

Posted by Tobias at 2023-07-31 13:45:59 UTC