Magnesium Supplements I’ve just watched the video from Mondays Zebra Club meeting and magnesium was mentioned. I have taken a magnesium supplement before bed for years to help with relaxation, reduce pain/headaches and promote sleep. I have found a powder form to be best and I take half a teaspoon in a class of water in the evenings. My preferred one is Viridium Magnesium Citrate. Some others I find go lumpy. Tip is to add the powder to a glass of water (don’t put the powder in the glass first!) I also add two large heaped mugs of Magnesium flakes to an evening bath. It works out much more economical to buy a 5kg or larger tub/bag online than buying the smaller bags of magnesium flakes or Epsom salts in stores which I find only do 1 or 2 baths at most.

Posted by EssentiallyAnnie at 2022-03-09 10:14:13 UTC