Hi everyone, I believe that my right hip flexors are weak. I developed pain and tightness Friday or Saturday after a Pilates class in which we were doing bridges and butterflying our knees out then back in. I don’t know if that was what triggered it bc I’ve noticed that my hip flexors are sore when I try to sit upright without support from my arms with legs out straight or even bent. From my work in TZC and biofeedback, I realize that some of my postures are stabilizing weakness—for example, when driving a car without a clutch, I bend my left leg so that my left foot rests on my right thigh, which seems to offer some relief. Driving is the worst with this—just moving foot off gas or brake seems to use our hip flexors, not just our shins. Fortunately not driving for the next week, so time to help strengthen these! Can anyone recommend any good classes to help w weak hip flexors please? #hipflexors

Posted by Gumby Shrink at 2023-08-02 00:31:39 UTC