hi guys, I had a counselling session today with a brand new counsellor, so it was really just an introduction to learn a bit about each other. She does have EDS knowledge, so I’m hoping that also helps . From everything that I told her today, she recognised that I need to work on boundaries, not just for friends and family, but also for myself . She highlighted that I am continually draining my energy by trying to prove to everyone around me that I am ill, and actually, on reflection, I do that all the time it’s exhausting. I know it’s part of an invisible illness, but actually hadn’t realised how much of a drain it is. i’m also just so used to medical professionals. Tell me there’s nothing wrong. I must apply it every day and occasionally think to mysef maybe everybody else is right, and I’m wrong and there’s nothing wrong with me. Does anyone else experience this and what advice can you share please? Thank you

Posted by lorna.lott1 at 2023-08-02 18:05:37 UTC