A bit of an odd request for my fellow back pain sufferers: anyone ever come across a back rest for the bath? I know you can get wee pillows for your neck but I’m wondering if anyone’s found and used something bigger. I live with my parents, they did up the bathroom a few months ago and got rid of the old whirlpool bathtub since nobody ever used the jets and it was hellish to clean properly - BUT it had a reclined back so it was super comfy to rest on. Now we have a bog standard, deep bathtub in which I can kind of float my legs, but it kills my neck - and I’m dying for some overall back support. Since this, it’s been too uncomfy to take long Epsom salt baths like I normally did when my lower back was in agony. Thanks!

Posted by Chloe.AH at 2023-08-02 19:41:08 UTC