Hi all! I am brand new to this club and I have a recent diagnosis of hypermobility. Looking forward hopefully start to feel better soon. I thought I'd message with a little about me. I am from Melbourne, Australia. I was diagnosed with hypermobility by my osteo and physio during pregnancy. I'm now 6 months postpartum and I am still having a lot issues with severe pain in my right hip, pelvis and lower back from PGP /hypermobility since 8 weeks gestation. I have been on off crutches for over a year and spent about 3 months needing a wheelchair to get anywhere other than around the house. I haven't improved much at all. I'm desperate to get better and can't care for my son. My husband is taking time off work to help to do all the manual lifting. I'm seeing a women's health physio and osteo weekly with temporary relief. Currently, doing hydro, rest when I have pain, some light swimming, clinical pilates under guidance, wearing a pelvic belt, pain relief. I'm getting more scans over the next few weeks as I just feel like my right hip is slightly dislocated, but I feel like no one is listening! Hopefully I can get some answers soon. Does anyone have experience with severe PGP and hip dislocations? Or cortisone injections into the hip? Considering ice baths and anti-inflammatory diet to help with the ongoing pain and inflammation but I really don't want to give up my wine a and chocolate 😬 Looking forward to getting better and hearing some some similar stories. Courtney

Posted by Deleted (f2c867dd) at 2022-03-09 10:35:52 UTC