I had my regular neuromuscular appointment today (every 3wks). She’s my hands-on OMT, my pain specialist and basically my family practitioner at this point. I had X-rays on my foot a couple weeks ago because I dropped a computer on it and we thought I broke the top. It’s been in so much pain and swelling. It’s not broken but it showed joint and bone erosion. She wants to refer me to a rheumatologist. I gagged; she agreed laughingly but assured me who she’s sending me to is good and she sees him herself. She’s concerned I have RA, especially understanding I was diagnosed years ago, “mistakenly” supposedly. YEARs ago. I’m really despise rheumatologists given my 20yr hx with them so I’m not looking forward to it at all. I wanted to vent that because I’m having some anxiety over this- I’ve avoided rheumys for the last few yrs. and really hate the idea. 😩😩😩🦓

Posted by beachydreamn at 2023-08-09 01:54:48 UTC