Trying to stay positive! I last hurt my back in May so I've had a couple of months I guess πŸ™„ Just now I was in the shower and then drying, lifted my foot up and bam! SI joint back spasms, and yelled for hubby (he's home thankfully) because started to feel like I'd pass out again. Ended up on the floor, hubby found painkillers (I'm not even sure the ones I've taken will do anything) and I managed to get off the floor and am now curled up on my bed πŸ₯Ί In May it wasn't this bad because I hadn't passed out and I went to work and walked about on it all day which I think was the best thing to do, it hurt a lot but didn't seize back up. This feels worse. Any hints/ tips? I'll probably fall asleep soon mind you with these painkillers πŸ™„πŸ™„

Posted by nic_h at 2023-08-10 10:46:38 UTC