Hi all, I'm having a really tough time lately when it comes to fatigue and wanted to know if anyone has had a similar experience after having Covid... I have been living with chronic fatigue for years alongside my hEDS diagnosis, but prior to contracting covid I was managing it pretty well. I used to work between 3-5 hours a day, and was usually feeling well enough to do most daily activities except in a flare up. Since getting Covid at the end of June, my fatigue is much worse. I feel physically and mentally fatigued all the time and to much higher levels, and my legs in particular are always fatigued and often feel like jelly, so I'm using my wheelchair much more than normal. I'm struggling to work an hour a day now. I'm going to speak to my doctor but wanted to know whether anyone else's fatigue had changed drastically after having covid, when they already had it before. There doesn't seem to have been much research done yet about people who already had fatigue and the effects of Covid on that, so it's been tough to figure if this was just a very bad flare up, but as it has been 7 weeks with no improvement this seems unlikely! Of course this could be long Covid alongside my normal issues too, but again, most research seems to be about people who were previously healthy and able-bodied. Thanks all 😊

Posted by Scout at 2023-08-10 15:27:59 UTC