Hi, Hooray it's finally sunny in Somerset UK! Wishing everyone a good day. I am not seeking medical advice, as I have spoken to all the doctors and specialists already and it has been decided that reluctantly, the following surgery seems to be my best course of action for a long term shoulder issue. Background. I am a professional musician, who had to semi retire from performing, due to this issue and I have worked tirelessly for years to try to gain better function in it, but due to the current impingement and the physical restrictions, it's not possible to work on it properly. The surgery is called an ASAD an ( arthroscopic subacromial decompression) as there is simply too much impingement for me to move the shoulder properly enough to build up the strength and function in it. The procedure is also to remove calcification around the supra-spinatus. I have had previous barbatage and steroid injections on it which didn't work long term. I was due to have the surgery last week! But it was cancelled due to an emergency. Frustratingly I am now on a cancellation list, but I am not holding my breath and it looks like Christmas maybe the next date. In the meantime, I am happily working my way through gentle exercises on this app and have already gained I bit more movement in the troubled shoulder! So it's lovley to have some relief. I am also enjoying all the resources on offer and I am working on the parts of me that can be worked on. Here are the questions. I would be very interested to know if any fellow zebras have had the procedure themselves and what their experience was like and how long it took them to be able to drive again? I would also be interested to hear if bursitis, calcific tendonitus, tears and OA are common amongst the Heds/HSD community? As that's what's going on with this shoulder. If you have had similar issues did you find that the Zebra club approach to exercising and the exercises resolved their issue enough to not have surgery? I know that everyone is different and we will all respond differently, but it's interesting to hear others people's experiences. I am still peeling back layers of the onion and trying to piece together my health history and discovering just how many of my previous issues can all be put down to HSD.

Posted by Hazel Joy at 2023-08-11 08:53:06 UTC