Hi I'm new. My name is Jennie. I have EDS Type 3 diagnosed in 2020 at 52 years old. Just a quick question I am in the middle of a flare atm. Mainly pain everywhere but my ribs feel very tight and I have motion sickness. I only found out about the Zebra Club yesterday so reading and watching everything on this app I realise that everything I have been doing has been wrong up to now! I used to be so into fitness before I got ill and I have tried on numerous occasions to workout but eventually crash and flare! Anyway my question is how long do I wait whilst I'm in this flare before I try and exercise to help to ease my tight ribs and the rest of the pain in my neck and back? Thank you. ♥

Posted by Deleted (836ad573) at 2022-03-10 11:03:25 UTC