Hi lovely people, it's me again... 🤣. So, in the matter of orthopedic insoles... Maybe it's a very broad question but, how helpful are they? When I was a child I was diagnosed with flat feet and valgus knees and spent most of my childhood wearing special insoles, boots and shoes. Then, one day, they were no more. As an adult but still not aware of HSD/EDS, I had a more moder version done for me through a podiatrist in Spain. I wore them for a couple of years but I didn't really had any further input or follow-up, so I eventually stopped. I was also discouraged from wearing them at some point, being told my feet muscles would grow weak and dependent of them. Now, as you may imagine, I have more info and awareness but I am cobfused because all of the past baggage! 😅🤣. I see lots of people in here that use them, but I know very little about the current options and the specifics for hypermobile people. I am also not very aware of how you get them in the UK. Can you get them through the NHS or is it only private? Is it only through a podiatrist or there are other professionals that can make them for you? I listened to the podcast with Gary Ward and his work seems very interesting, but I don't know if his approach is followed generally by everyone or only some professionals apply it. Lots of questions I know! But if you read till here without dozing off and feel kind enough to help with a few words, it is greatly appreciated! :)

Posted by Geeky Al at 2023-08-12 23:23:02 UTC