Hi I’m looking for and really hoping that someone can guide me here. I’m definitely looking for other peoples experiences and a bit of reassurance too All my life I’ve struggled to sit and it’s become really apparent how much this is impacting me from any class I’ve tried that involves sitting. When I sit I feel like my legs/feet don’t exist. Like only my torso exists and if I don’t have a back on a chair that I might “fall off” or fall backwards because everything is out of balance so I either have to sit forward -I guess collapsing- or reclined. Sitting on the floor these days is almost impossible. I have often put it down to being long bodied/a bit out of proportion -which might be in the mix but I think it’s probably about bracing. I’ve gone back to basics and am working on Letting Go of Bracing to Stabilise I am trying to be conscious of my breathing as much as possible through the day, so much so it entered my dreams last night! I did the class again today and focussed on the seated part and I put my feet at the sides of the legs of the stool so that I could have some proprioceptive feedback from them because I couldn’t get it through the floor. It did help a bit. I was able to let go in my abdomen -which was huge! I had no idea I was holding my self so tightly- and felt my ribs drop down, being conscious not to collapse in but I felt like there was so much pressure from my ribs on my lungs that I felt like I couldn’t breathe properly. I couldn’t work out where I was in my body ie where my muscles were or if I was or wasn’t aligned. Everything felt out of place -some of it felt like it should be (like when you remove a splinter after it’s been there for too long) and other muscles didn’t have a clue what was happening, like they were shocked and confused. I was trying to make small adjustments to try and find something that felt comfortable, like I’m stacked correctly but I couldn’t and it was incredibly intense and I think I ended up rebracing. No doubt some of this is psychological because by the end I came as close to a panic attack as I cared to be and stopped and came here to write about it. I’m feeling quite vulnerable after it and hope that I can gather some advice. Thanks for reading this. I know it’s a long one.

Posted by Hen at 2023-08-13 11:09:12 UTC