Hi everyone, I'm sort-of new on here; I'm back after a little time off the app, and not sure if I introduced myself anyway last time round! I'm in my early forties with hyper-mobility. I had no idea until lots of knee pain led to me seeing a physio in my thirties and she told me I was. (One of my siblings was subsequently referred to rheumatology for EDS investigations, but it never happened. She is far more hypermobile than I am, and has very stretchy skin.) I'm curious whether anyone has found the effects of their hyper-mobility worsening as they've got older? I've done various hard-on-the-body activities through much of my life. I lived on a smallholding from my late teens through my twenties which involved a lot of heavy lifting, manual handling of animals, etc. I've also worked in the emergency services for over a decade which has involved a lot of lifting both people and kit. (I still do this, but no longer on a full-time basis.) I've historically used the gym regularly. But it just all seems to be catching up with me now! I ditched the gym earlier this year as I kept injuring myself. Then I ended up with a weird abrupt ligament laxity in my left foot/ankle last week after doing a 7 mile walk in hiking boots with a thick sole. I couldn't even put my foot to the ground the following morning, as the pain was excruciating. It was fixed by my husband compressing all the joints back together. (He's a chiropractor, so he basically did the opposite of gapping and adjusting a joint.) As an aside, once it had settled, I did a longer walk in my Vivo Barefoot shoes and had no problem at all. It's all a bit odd as to how it has suddenly worsened, and I wondered if anyone else had experienced this? So grateful to have this great community and all the resources available.

Posted by Naomi L at 2023-08-14 11:50:02 UTC