Can you advise me on how you coped with the feelings of guilt or embarrassment regarding your energy levels? My husband, family and my boss are very supportive and kind but I feel embarrassed at times that I can't be relied on. I'm trying so hard to prevent flare ups so I can be more productive however I have found pacing myself so mentally hard! I'm just as confused as everyone else that I'm fine one day, week or month then wham I'm suffering with breathing difficulties, dizziness, pain etc.... Its so frustrating! I am so happy to have found this club as I know from looking at all it has to offer that I'm on the right road. The only advice I got before was to look on the NHS website! My Consultant is a wonderful man but sadly very overworked atm! I have sent the information of this club to him so future patients will have more accurate information.

Posted by Deleted (836ad573) at 2022-03-10 14:14:55 UTC