Hi, I’m new here (after thinking of joining the zebra club for 3 years🙄). I got diagnosed 6 years ago with hEDS and more, 35 years after the first EDS related problems. I had to stop working 5 years ago and have become worse ever since. All my adult life I’ve tried to find out what was wrong with that body of mine, having done all kinds of therapies, I’ve become a qigong teacher and craniosacral therapist, in an attempt to heal or at least understand my body. At first the diagnosis was a relief but well, life has changed so much and I’m finding myself having to keep adjusting. It’s hard. Six weeks ago I had surgery on my mouth and I still haven’t really recovered, I’m so very tired. I struggle to be positive. And that’s not me. I need to create some perspective, something to look forward to. Something that makes me feel there is a possibility of feeling better, being better maybe. So here I am. My name is Esther, I live in the Netherlands.

Posted by boxofchocolates at 2023-08-14 16:25:10 UTC