Hi! I’m new here but not new to hEDS. I’ve used Jeannie’s mindfulness exercises but I’m prone to backsliding when I feel a bit better. I hope joining you here will give me a boost to be more consistent. I was diagnosed @ 47 years of age after a lifelong search for answers to my myriad maladies. Diagnosed over the years with POTS, IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue… all while working full-time as a CPA. Since my diagnosis I’ve tried many therapies and find “Connect Therapy” physio to be the most helpful for me. While it is wonderful to have a therapy that works, I’m on a fixed budget and it’s tough spending $$ on physio so My independent management of EDS is critical. My husband and I moved into our 32’ RV in the fall of 2022. As a result, I am able to be outdoors more, enjoy warm AZ in the winter and need independent means to manage EDS even more urgently. I’m looking forward to meeting folks here and plugging in to the resources.

Posted by cherylbquist at 2023-08-14 18:02:43 UTC