Anyone else have a hard time describing certain joint complaints to doctors? I’ve tried and failed a fair few times to describe what’s going on with my lower back, to be met with blank stares 😅 I've noticed with my lumbar instability, around my lumbosacral junction, that when I stand up from sitting this part of my spine almost feels like it 'decompresses' (think of the if you were to hang from a pull-up bar) and will click in a few places. It doesn't hurt, but it's a bit unsettling as I can feel things shifting/settling (especially if it's a big one!). It's usually more significant if I'm in a flare, but is almost always present. In the same vein; sitting and turning, getting up from the floor, and similar movements have this catching sensation at the same area - not a crack, more like something slipping out and back into place slightly. This one does feel a bit gross, and often leads to an achy back if it happens multiple times in a day. Anyone else experienced similar? Any thoughts on how to word this a bit better to describe to my PT and Doctor?

Posted by Chloe.AH at 2023-08-15 19:42:40 UTC