Hi there, I have prominent greater trochanters. I’m average build and have decent body fat around them. When I lay on my side, I find I bruise over my greater trochanters, even on a Pilates mat or a reformer. When I was a kid, I’d bruise them when I went on a swing. How do others with prominent greater trochanters modify side lying to be less uncomfortable. I put a cushion under them during a class today, but wondered if that may alter my form too much. I notice when I have knees bent like for clam shell exercises, it is not uncomfortable bc there are more points of contact with the mat reducing the weight on the greater trochanter (knees and lower leg for example). Whereas, when I lay out straight on my side, it seems like the pressure is on the shoulder and hip. But, I love the challenge of straight side lying. Thanks!

Posted by Gumby Shrink at 2023-08-16 01:10:22 UTC