Hi, I'm still new here and to the effects of being hypermobile and have recently discovered POTS, I've not been diagnosed yet but have many of the symptoms. My question is, can you have mild POTS? I'm not sure my heart rate increases as much as stated, and for as long, but I definitely feel it. It also explains why I feel like I'm about to pass out, wobbly like on a boat, my vision goes 'off' and anxiety goes up with my heart rate, again this doesn't happen on a regular basis. I would also say that I am aware my brain and body is still very much in fight/flight mode. Probably a mixture of my hypermobility and a number of traumas. I mainly work from home but have a little p/t job in a health store since March, this has really highlighted how much pain and discomfort I feel, standing up all the time and re-filling/checking shelves plays havoc with my blood pressure - well it feels like it. I am also exploring electrolytes which seem to be making a difference, early days with these. Thanks for any input. 🙏

Posted by Helen G at 2023-08-16 16:11:08 UTC