#longhaulcovid #covid I just wanted to share my brief experience in case it helps anyone. I had Covid the past December, and I never quite recovered. Dysautonomia and fatigue are greatly flared. After about 6 months, my immunologist started me on low dose steroids. Initially it was 10mg prednisone every other day for a month. I thought I was all fixed so I stopped at that time. Wrong. Instant relapse. I couldn’t function again. Back into steroids starting again at 10mg every other day for a month, then 5mg every other day for a month. Again, I was much better. I still flared, but I was functional most of the time. It was a good summer! After recently coming off, my body has crashed these last 3 weeks. I’ll be fine-ish for 3 or so days, and then DOWN for 3-5 days. Like, sleeping 18+ hours (which normally means asthma flare for me, but I wasn’t responding to asthma treatments) and unable to leave bed the other waking hours. I honestly can’t even read or watch brain-stimulating anything. I just stagnate in space. It’s horrible. I’m also regulating my temperature even worse than normal. Vacuuming a single room leaves me sweating through all my clothes in torrents. Which then messes with my energy levels and POTs and histamine levels. Cycle. It didn’t occur to me that this was long haulers. But when I met with my integrative medicine Dr this week, she said this is “textbook” LH. She said to rest when my body is on the down cycle, and to be patient as my body slowly gets through this. She said it’s not uncommon to be disabled and bedbound from work for 6+ months. My husband and I are trying to figure out what this means for our homeschool family. I asked about supplements, and there wasn’t much she said worked. DHEA was about it, which I already take. Anyway, hope this helps anyone else struggling with these strange patterns. ✌🏻

Posted by marie.kelley at 2023-08-16 16:49:20 UTC