I had been hesitant about going to my GP about my POTS symptoms for years. I only mentioned them today because Covid really flared them. And she immediately said it sounds like POTS, especially given my EDS. And then quoted all this research and said she’d refer me to cardiologist for tilt table. But that I’d have to wait another two weeks as tests so close after acute Covid not that reliable. She mentioned salt, compression, meds. So I’m really hopeful that once I get a dx she can really help me. She does want an official dx though just in case it’s actually something else and not POTS. I feel so foolish never mentioning these symptoms before but I’m so used to being dismissed by other GPs. I assumed she wouldn’t have a clue. So glad she joined our practice and that we switched to using her as our default. Only did that because the kids prefer her! Think they have a sixth sense by now of who the good doctors are!

Posted by melis at 2023-08-16 20:07:45 UTC