Hello, I’m new to the zebra club and need some direction. After 7 years of struggling with so many maladies my 15 year old kid was diagnosed with hEDS. She is so much pain daily and has lost the will to live. I found The Zebra Club and after listening to some podcasts it game me hope. It’s difficult to find a PT who knows Hypermobility. So I hope that joining this club helps wit PT. I have a couple of questions for for Jeannie but probably many members can answer it. We are going to start practicing the zebra club therapies and we are going to start with The Starter Pack from the programs section. There are a several exercises there. How many exercises do we practice each day from The Starter Pack? Do the exercises need to be practice daily? For how long do we practice daily ? For how long do we stay in The Starter Pack before we move on to other exercises? Thank you for your time.

Posted by Jaime at 2023-08-17 13:21:06 UTC