Hello lovely Zebras. I've resisted asking this as it's hard to explain or put into words and I'm aware I sound like a hypochondriac. 2021, diagnosed with HSD, and also "potsy" but no POTS. Last year I started to feel breathless on exertion. I'm not fit and never have been, so I thought it was that. I had a blood test that revealed raised level of D Dimer(?). No follow up was required and I wasn't worried. This year, I am still struggling with breathlessness and extreme exhaustion on exertion. (The best analogy is that the tank is empty.) I had Covid in March that wiped me out for 4 weeks so I thought it might be that. I'm now wondering if my symptoms are more in line with an HSD, "potsy" diagnosis? I'm fed up feeling so worn out. Sorry to waffle on!

Posted by joannacampora at 2023-08-18 11:47:10 UTC