Hey all, as an add on to the question I made yesterday, what are your experiences with diets for reducing GI distress / pots etc? I ask because I have a troubled relationship with food and tend to use it as comfort and could use some word of mouth motivation for things that have worked for other people with hypermobility. I have heard of low fiber, low fodmap, mcas / low histamine diets, low carb, gluten and dairy free diets and others who say that salicytates or oxalates bother them. Some claim that mcas is the root cause of their issues while others say its due to gastroparesis or a sluggish GI tract. What have been your experiences? Other than lactose intollerance that I have identified in the past through a dna genome test out of luck, I havent found anything in blood tests and dont know about the scientific validity of scratch tests. Each individual is said to react differently but I wanted to hear about the experiences of others to identify potential commonalities. EDIT: In case it helps anyone relate or see if they share / shared similar symptoms as me, mine have always been: bloating / distension, gerd and constipation. I make sure to drink alot of water, try to limit my fiber and reduce junk food

Posted by tzanjan3 at 2023-08-18 20:32:20 UTC