Hi all, I've been feeling tearful and overwhelmed today, I know part of this is because I've done some of the exercises over the last two days and have gone too quickly. I know, go slow and all that. I was so excited to be moving again, doing something that is going to help me that I got carried away. My legs, esp. knees have been hurting, and I'm tired and daunted by the amount of info (LOVE info and learning) and how much I feel I need to catch up on to get my body back to feeling some sort of normal. I am also a Highly Sensitive and empath with past traumas, my nervous system feels shot to bits. I have started watching Jeannie's presentation on trauma. Anyway, I will slow down and just stick to the relaxation etc for a while. I'm also trying electrolytes. There have been some different electrolytes mentioned here, not the ones I have and I'm wondering if I am taking enough, when is it best to take them and should I take them everyday?. I have noticed that my energy levels come up, as well as the aches subsiding after I take them - am I imagining this? I have tried Revival powder, ok but they recommend up to 4 a day and they have some form of sugar in them. I also have Nutravita sport tablets - 2 tablets a day and this gives me 500mg Potassium, 700mg chloride, 250mg calcium, 150mg magnesium and 200mg sodium. How does this sound? Thanks πŸ™

Posted by Helen G at 2023-08-19 18:44:01 UTC