Hi everybody. First of all I apologize for the long post. (This is about hips and people in their 50s in case you don’t want to bother reading if it doesn’t pertain to you) I just want to see if others have had similar experiences, or may have some words of what I should be cautious about moving forward. I’ve been in and out of PT for my hips since my 30s. In 2019 I had x-rays of both hips which came up clear. Still I continue to have trouble with the hips and actually this led me to getting my hEDS diagnosis. As the problems with my hip increased, my walking became more difficult, and my SI joint became more and more unstable as well. This past June into July I did a five week course of extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT)on my SI joint with the hopes of stabilizing it. The first three weeks of treatment went OK, but the last two weeks increased my Right hip pain significantly. (just adjacent to where he was working ). As time is going by my hip is getting worse and worse. I have been on a cane on and off most of the summer, and when I’m not, I usually end up limping. Onvacation when I had access to a pool and a hot tub every day it got much better to the point that I was walking without the cane, except for extended walking periods. I just saw my GP and upon examination she ordered an x-ray which is showing “moderately severe osteoarthritis in the right hip”. I just can’t believe that it could go from nothing in 2019 to this level of severity four years later. I’m also suspecting that the ESWT somehow aggravated the right hip, and now I am having a significant flare. My doctor is recommending that I see an orthopedist and said that it may come down to a hip replacement. My PT said that at my age(57) they may not want to do the hip replacement yet because they wear out. And that they will likely want to try other modalities first like injections in the hip. I pointed out that I can’t have steroid injections due to the connective tissue disorder. He stated that there are other things like hyaluronic acid or stem cells or platelets that can be helpful. He described the hyaluronic acid as something that would replace some of the cushion within the joint. Does anyone have any similar experiences or know of specific things that I need to take into consideration. I really appreciate any insight you all can give. @Jeannie Di Bon — I can’t recall if you had had hip replacement or not. I do remember you speaking of having some major surgery. I just don’t remember what it was. But if you have any good insights, I’d appreciate that too. — also, if anyone has any specific recommendations for our zebra club classes, that might be helpful. I have gone from easily being able to do bridges and piriformis stretches when needed, to not being able to raise my foot to my knee to put my sock on. Thanks in advance! So grateful to have you all and to be part of your dazzle. 🦓💪🏼

Posted by resilient1 at 2023-08-19 21:24:54 UTC